Why Tint?

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Why Tint?

Some people want that sleek, black tint look for their vehicle, while others are more concerned with UV and heat protection for their vehicle, home, or office.

Window film offers both protection from the sun against heat, glare, and interior fading, and also increases the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. So, no matter your motivation for seeking window tinting, everyone will benefit from professionally installed tint by AGT.


Up to 96% of incoming light


Harmful UV radiation from sunlight


Up to 76% of solar heat gain

What is tint, exactly?

Window tint, aka window film, is composed of a high performance polyester with either a dyed, metalized, or ceramic coating that is bonded by adhesives, and provides significant solar insulation for all types of glass.

Depending on the type of tinting film selected for your vehicle, it can cut from 15% to 96% of incoming light; eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, while cutting up to 76% of the solar heat gain through the glass. This protection cuts down on glare, making it easier to see details through the glass, radiates heat away from the glass, and greatly reduces interior fading caused by sunlight.